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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop Off

There are several points to drop off in the morning. Drop off is for students to exit the vehicle and parents drive away. It is not a location for parking and walking students onto the campus. 

Southbound Edgewater drive-through entrance: student drop off is by the office. The vehicle exit is just past the office onto southbound Edgewater.

Westbound Beach Park Blvd. drive-through entrance:  drop off is between the MPR and Rm. 1. Vehicle exit onto Beach Park Blvd.

Northbound Polaris drive-through: drop off is by the gate to the play structure on the Intermediate Playground. Vehicle exit to northbound Polaris.

If you are parking for drop off, please note there are areas that have a white curb, which has restricted times for parking such as the curb near Rm 33 or the curb along Beach Park Blvd in front of the school. Cars parked in a restricted parking area are subject to a citation from Foster City Police.    

Pick Up

Our drive through pick up area utilizes the Edgewater entrance.   

The Beach Park Blvd drive through will be used for buses/vans for after school daycare. This is not a drive through for parent use. The Drive Through on Polaris (by the Intermediate Playground equipment) is another option for parents’ use for pick up.